The resource manager for Kubernetes

Software for resource allocation between users and projects within your Kubernetes cluster

What is Containerum?

Containerum is software that allows managing and monitoring resource usage in your Kubernetes cluster. You can allocate resources between multiple projects and track actual resource utilization.

Download open source Containerum CE to use on top of your Kubernetes cluster for resource management or explore our preconfigured Enterprise solutions with cluster maintenance and 24/7 support.

Our products


Self-hosted open source software to simplify resource management in your Kubernetes cluster

  • Free
  • Open source


Leverage all Kubernetes orchestration features on preconfigured Containerum Platform in our cloud

  • Hosting
  • Deployment with GitLab
  • Scale as you grow
  • Proactive support


Dedicated HA Kubernetes cluster on AWS/GCP/Azure with Containerum resource manager and 24/7 support

  • Private & hybrid clouds
  • Support 24/7
  • Hosted on AWS/GCP/Azure/bare metal
  • Teamwork & user management
  • Custom dashboards

Try Containerum Online for free

Tell Us about your startup and get $100 on your account to evaluate the Platform and our Engineering Support

Why choose Containerum?

High Availability

HA cluster maintained and supported by our engineering team for zero downtime deployment

Easy to use

Visual Dashboards and CLI with native K8s commands for simpler deployment and delivery management

Prebuilt solutions

Easy-to-launch preconfigured applications to integrate with your application stack, using a few clicks

Fast proactive support

Our engineers constantly monitor your cluster performance and notify your teams on all potential issues

Containerum has allowed us to switch to a modern Infrastructure as Code model and embrace DevOps principles at last. We can update and scale services with much less effort than before, and our teams have learned to do so with Containerum rapidly.

Can Alhas, Evam