Software and expertise for simpler K8s cluster management

What is Containerum?

Containerum is a managed Kubernetes platform running in public, private and hybrid clouds or on-premise. Containerum facilitates Kubernetes cluster maintenance, enables teamwork and flexible resource management.

Containerum monitors and supports your cluster 24/7, solves Kubernetes-related issues and ensures 99.9% availability of your services.

What we offer


We encourage sharing knowledge among developers and IT teams, promoting expertise for everyone



Professional Kubernetes and microservice consulting, DevOps as a Service and technical support


Dedicated Cluster

Setup and maintenance of your own HA Kubernetes cluster in AWS/GCP/Azure or bare metal



We are are about to announce a series of trainings and webinars on Kubernetes, DevOps and CI/CD for your teams

Coming soon

Request Consulting Services

Our Engineers and DevOps advise your IT staff on cloud infrastructure and Kubernetes, help configure application stacks and CI/CD tools. Contact us for more details.

Our products


Self-hosted open source software to simplify resource management in your Kubernetes cluster

  • Free
  • Open Source


Dedicated HA Kubernetes cluster hosted in our cloud for small-scale and personal projects

  • Hosting
  • Deployment with GitLab
  • Scale as you grow
  • Proactive support


Dedicated HA Kubernetes cluster on AWS/GCP/Azure with Containerum resource manager and 24/7 support

  • Private & hybrid clouds
  • Support 24/7
  • Hosted on AWS/GCP/Azure/bare metal
  • Teamwork & user management
  • Custom dashboards

Managed Kubernetes Cluster in Cloud

Need a preconfigured environment to try Managed Kubernetes in cloud? Check our Containerum Online for testing, small and medium-scale projects.

Why choose Containerum?


We configure and maintain K8s clusters supporting 5,000+ services running simultaneously without any downtime

Customized solutions

There's hardly a solution that fits every company, that's why we are committed to bringing custom solutions to our clients


Our Engineers are highly experienced in virtualization and K8s. If you have a question, we have an answer in 99.99% cases

Community building

We don't guard our expertise like a treasure - we readily share our knowledge with a large K8s community via our blog

Using Containerum on top of Kubernetes has made it much easier to control resources. Now we can allocate resources between projects and teams, log and monitor their performance on the go.

Maksim Kornev, Cube Solutions