From advising on DevOps and CI/CD to maintaining you whole Kubernetes infrastructure and application stack - we've got you covered

DevOps as a Service

Containerum team powers your DevOps transformation with our expertise and most advanced tools. We configure your IT infrastructure, build a DevOps strategy for IT teams engagement, and help you deliver microservice applications with CI/CD tools. You code - we take care of all things DevOps.

From $3,000/mo.

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Infrastructure design & setup

We setup and configure High Availability infrastructure built with industry-proven Docker and Kubernetes. Our engineers have vast experience in building cloud infrastructures with KVM, OpenStack, Ansible, Prometheus, Zabbix and the like. We offer configuring your network, monitoring, metrics, storage, security, etc.

From $120/h.

Infrastructure maintenance

Our Engineers optimize and maintain your IT Infrastructure for zero-downtime operations. We perform regular updates and backups, ensure cluster security, configure load balancing, monitor networks, and fix issues before they become problems.

From $600/mo

Technical support

Need help building a docker image, managing containerized applications or configuring CI/CD tools? Our Engineers are ready to answer your questions and share best practices in our areas of expertise: PostgreSQL, ClickHouse, Redis, MariaDB, Jenkins, TeamCity,, GitLab, etc. Programming languages: Golang, Python, JavaScript.

From $100/h.

Logging and monitoring

We monitor and support your services from 10/5 to 24/7. Should something go wrong, we will investigate into the issue and work with technical support to fix it without worrying you unless the situation calls for your participation. Even in that case we will handle the process as fast and smoothly as possible to prevent downtime or service degradation.

From 800$/mo.

Consulting Pricing

Consulting is delivered remotely, based on monthly and hourly rates. Our engineers offer flexible availability hours to fit your budget and business hours.