Containerum Distribution of Kubernetes

Containerum Distribution of Kubernetes®* is a production-ready Kubernetes package that is guaranteed to work in any cloud or on-premises.

Install it using the tutorial or request installation, flexible support and maintenance plans for 24/7 cluster availability.

Why choose Containerum Kubernetes?

Fully managed

Containerum engineers can operate and maintain your cluster remotely. We take over monitoring, backups, scaling, and all other operations needed to ensure HA cluster.


All Kubernetes components communicate using secure connection. Containerum Kubernetes guarantees several layers of encryption in place at the same time.


Containerum team supports your infrastructure stack on 10/5 to 24/7 basis. We'll be the first to know if something fails and recover state immediately.

Installation packages

Containerum offers two installation packages to help you build a production-grade Kubernetes cluster

Kubernetes enthusiast

one-off fee

Install Containerum Distribution of Kubernetes by yourself following the installation tutorial

Need help with installation?

Contact us for support for $100/hour

Kubernetes expert

one-off fee

We’ll setup a Containerum Distribution of Kubernetes for your application ecosystem to meet your needs

High availability Kubernetes, deployed on Public Cloud, VMware, OpenStack or bare metal

Containerum software for application management

Persistent storage configuration

Application Catalog

Support packages

Containerum offers two Kubernetes cluster package support. The price is indicated per one node, based on an yearly rate. Our engineers offer flexible availability hours to fit your budget and business hours. All services are delivered remotely.

Base support

$1,500** per year

Pro-active support

$2,100** per year

Kubernetes maintenance and upgrades
Telegram and web ticket support
Monitoring and logging
Backups and recovery
Response time
1 business hour
1 hour
Remote operations and smart alerts
CI/CD pipeline integration
Failure detection 24/7
* Kubernetes® is a registered trademark of The Linux Foundation in the United States and other countries.
** The price is per node.