Containerum Platform

Containerum is an open source platform that allows performing updates and rollbacks in a matter of minutes. Containerum introduces seamless integration with CI/CD pipelines and teamwork features. The platform ensures fast automated delivery and flexible cloud management.

CI/CD Pipelines

Teams can build and release updates automatically with easily integrated CI/CD pipelines


Containerum allows adding users and groups to projects, managing access rights and setting user policies

Revision control

Users can track and rollback to any previous configuration. All revisions are deployed automatically

Built for automation

Containerum introduces built-in support for 
CI/CD pipelines automation and revision control.

Build and deliver new services faster with the CI/CD tools that work best for your teams.

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Run Containerum anywhere

Launch Containerum in your own Kubernetes cluster:

$ helm repo add containerum

$ helm repo update

$ helm install containerum/containerum

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Containerum on GitHub

Containerum Platform is available on GitHub. We welcome all contributions and feature suggestions from the community. Visit our GitHub repository for more information about Containerum architecture, development plans, and more.